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Radex - Made in USA 3D Slide Viewer - REALIST The "Realist format" viewer will view stereo slides from Nimslo (half-frame), Realist, and European .. Product #: 3D based on 0 reviews Regular price: $550.00 $550.00 In Stock

3D Slide Viewer - REALIST

Product Code: 3D
Availability: In Stock

Price: $550.00

3 or more $478.00
5 or more $420.00
10 or more $368.00
25 or more $353.00
  • Holds a Realist Format 3D Slide Pair
  • Individually Bagged
  • Standard Viewer Color is Black - best for Color Slide Film Pairs
  • *Milky White Viewers also available - best for small photo print 3D Pairs
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